COURAGE Unisex short sleeve t-shirt



Forest are scary but much like anything else if you find the power of this shirt you can overcome it. It dangerous to go alone so wear it.

The Great Deku Tree grants each Kokiri a Fairy,[7] which watches over the Kokiri. Subsequently, the Kokiri utilize the Faries' abilities to their advantage, such as using them to speak across distances.[8] Possessing a Fairy partner is considered the sign of becoming a "true Kokiri" within the forest, and many of the Kokiri congratulate Link after he obtains one and even offer to help teach him to use it.[8] Mido bullied Link because he didn't have one,[9] and still refuses to accept the young hero as one of them even after Navi has joined Link's side.[10] The Kokiri do not accept adults who have Fairies, however.[11] The Kokiri dress in green Kokiri Tunics. The females wear headbands, while the males wear distinctive floppy green hats. They all reside within hollowed-out trees, which they use as buildings. When the Kokiri Forest is overrun with monsters, they all take refuge within the buildings. For some reason, the tops of the trees are all cut in a cone shape. The Kokiri value their treasure, the Kokiri Sword,[12] which is hidden behind the Hole of "L" in the Forest Training Center.[13] During times where they sense danger in the forest, the Kokiri elect to arm themselves for defense, though the only Sword present is the Kokiri Sword.[14] The Kokiri seem to be dependent on horticulture, as many farming supplies can be found within Link's house. Hay may even be found within the young hero's home, although no livestock are visibly present until after Malon gives Link a Cow. Fruits are present on Link's table within his house, so some of the Kokiri diet may be gathered rather than cultivated, though since Link is a Hylian and not a Kokiri, this may not apply. What appear to be Red Potions can be found on the top shelf of the Know-It-All Brothers' house, however.

This super-soft, baby-knit t-shirt looks great on both men and women – it fits like a well-loved favorite. Made from 100% cotton, except for heather colors, which contain polyester.

• 100% ring-spun cotton (heather colors contain polyester)
• Baby-knit jersey
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Cover stitched and hemmed sleeves
• Side-seamed