WISDOM Short sleeve men's t-shirt



"From the calm waters, balance and law governed by age old knowledge is protected by those who draw upon this shirt for the answers to the answer less." -Old Man near the River

Zoras (pronounced /ˈzɔːɹə/ ZAW-rə),[1] or Sea Zoras, are a race of hospitable ocean-dwelling creatures in The Legend of Zelda series, and are especially common in the 3D console Zelda games.

Prior to their debut in Ocarina of Time, River Zoras were present in the older titles as an enemy, and similarly also lived in a flooded domain. The name Zora was the original name of both races. Because the two races each have their own domain within the games they appear (the River Zoras almost exclusively appear in the 2D games, while the Sea Zoras almost solely appear in the 3D games), there was no need to distinguish between the two races by name. Oracle of Ages is the first and only game to feature both species and as such distinguished the two with more specific names.[2]

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