TRIBE OF POWER Short sleeve kids t-shirt



"f life is hard you only need wear this shirt and let it flow through you." - Old Man in cave

The Gorons are a large, mountain-dwelling race, with sizes ranging from medium, tall, and even gigantic. The largest known Goron in the series is Biggoron, who is roughly about the same height as the peak of Death Mountain. Gorons typically live in or under mountain ranges of several countries, including mountains such as Death Mountain of Hyrule and Snowhead of Termina, among others. They are also adept at living in non-mountainous regions; it is not uncommon to see Gorons come down from their mountain homes or even travel to faraway lands, as seen in The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap and Skyward Sword.[3] Some also live on islands, such as on Goron Island. Befitting with that of their habitat, their durable, round bodies greatly resemble that of stones and boulders, and nearly all Gorons have a hide of ridged stones on their backsides. They usually have light brown skin. They have small eyes and noticeable lips, which conceal unaligned, square teeth. Another common trait are their symbols in the shape of the Goron's Ruby tattooed to the sides of their arms, whether this is natural or not is unknown. Combined with their round shape, Gorons can also curl themselves into a ball shape and roll like a boulder, which is also their primary attack against enemies.

This is the kids' version of American Apparel's most popular adult t-shirt. It features durable ribbed neckband and a double-needle bottom hem and sleeves.

• 100% jersey cotton
• Durable ribbed neckband
• Unisex
• Not intended for sleepwear